Season 4

Season 4

IKF is coming back with Season 4 of its much anticipated IKF Trials. It will kickstart its Season 4 in April 2024 where we wish to go to 50+ cities to hunt exceptional talent and provide them if opportunities in clubs in India and abroad. Registrations has already begun. Cities where we conduct trials will be updated as and when date & venue is finalized.

2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 born Boys
2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 born Girls
Registrations Open Now

Lifecycle of trial

Player registers online for IKF city trial
Attend the IKF zonal trials for your region and get scouted
Get scouted by the participating clubs
Attend IKF city trials and impress IKF Scouts
Attend National Finals and showcase your talent in front of participating clubs
Kickstart your professional career with the club of your choice

IKF Trials Season 4 Calendar

List of cities to be covered in Season 4 where IKF will conduct Trials. More cities will be added in coming days. Months are tentative as of now, they might change due to local/regional conditions. We will keep on updating this section with right date as and when they get finalized. More cities will be added.

Pan India

IKF Season 4 will going to 50+ cities across India

Ample opportunities

IKF is bringing in opportunities from across the globe at single platform for kids who qualify to National Finals

Wealth of Talent

Clubs, academies, agents can reach out to us to select talent form the pool we handpick from across India

Scientific Scouting process

IKF has created a detailed and scientific scouting process to ensure we select right talent from all our trials.

After successful completion of Season 1, 2 & 3, IKF has launched Season 4 which will be bigger and wider. With 50+ cities to cover for Season 4, IKF would create history in India by being the only grassroot organisation to do so at such a large scale. IKF is neither a club nor an academy; we are a platform that is bridging the gap between grassroot football and professional football by eliminating opportunity divide. The talent that we scout is not for our consumption but for the professional clubs who attend our Trials to scout players for their respective clubs

IKF Scouting Process

  1. IKF assigns IKF Scouts to the Trials who attend the Trials physically.

  2. Majority of our Trials are videographed. These videos come to our Central Scouting Team comprising of Senior Scouts.

  3. With the help of video analytics, the central team of scouts reassess the players.

  4. Result of scouted players in the city trial is then announced on our social media.

This process allows IKF to be unbiased and not dependent solely on on-ground scouts.

    • India Khelo Football is a non profit organisation that organises pan India trials to scout talented players who wish to become professional football players.
    • India Khelo Football is neither a club nor an academy; we are a platform that is bridging the gap between grassroot football and professional football by eliminating opportunity divide.
    • Once the player and the club are introduced to each other our role ends there.
    • The players who get scouted at the city trials/zonals/finals are purely on the basis of talent and there is no particular cap on the number of players that get scouted.
    • The selection of player is done with the help of the most talented scouts in India and post a predefined transparent medium. Any queries related to judgement of the scout will only be answered if they are justified queries.
    • The players who get scouted for International Programs are solely decided by the International scouts and the number of the players that get scouted is totally at the discretion of International scouts.
    • India Khelo Football never charges anything else apart from the one time registration fee which is paid by the player online at the time of city trial registration.
    • Any malpractices or use of fake ids will lead to disqualification and a ban of 3 years on the player
    • Players who attend city trials/zonals/finals have to look after their own travel, food and stay.
    • Any false information provided during registration can result in the disqualification of the player from the trials
    • The schedule for city trials is announced by keeping all the local factors in mind; however because of some operational constraints there is always a possibility of trials getting cancelled or delayed.
    • Refunds of registration will only be provided if IKF cancels a city trial.
    • You can be asked to play at both primary or secondary positions.