Scouting Certificate

Scouting Certification

Become a Professional Scout & start earning.

Course 1 (PFSA certificate only) Rs. 4999
Course 2 ( IKF-CFSA + ProSoccerGlobal Interaction) Rs. 4999
Course 3 (PFSA + IKF-CFSA + ProSoccerGlobal Interaction ) Rs. 7499

Globally recognised

Get PFSA certificate in Talent identification which is globally recognised


Interact with Premier League scouts and learn directly from them


Become IKF Partner scout and start earning

Largest Network

Be part of India’s largest scouts network which is focused on talent identification at grassroots level

Learn from Experts

Certification program has been designed and imparted by experts who are globally recognised.


PFSA is the leading provider of Talent Identification, Opposition Analysis, Technical Scouting and Performance Analysis in football courses, nationally and abroad, we deliver both online and in-person courses across the UK, Europe, Australia, America, Africa, and the UAE.


Jimmy Hayes

Co- Director of ProSoccerGlobal & Premier League Academy Scout. He has been involved in football for 40+ years, as a youth team player, youth and district representative team coach, Premier League Academy scout, director of Galacticos.

Jimmy Hayes

Chris McGrath

Co-Director of ProSoccerGlobal & Licensed Football Intermediatory. In the last 12 years Chris have been involved in numerous transfers of academy age and senior players in the UK and Europe including youth and senior National Team players. As an Independent scout he has been consulted by both scouts and Sports Directors with a number of players subsequently being signed.

Chris McGrath

Indian football is at a very interesting juncture, where we are seeing corporates and foreign clubs lining up to have a stake in its development. However, at the end of the day it is the talent which is going to take Indian Football ahead; not just talent – “Right Talent”. This right talent has to be identified at the right time and for that IKF is developing a strong Grassroots Scouting Ecosystem in India. IKF has built a platform from scratch that helps the ecosystem identify the top talent of our nation. IKF has built the following blocks to create this ecosystem in India:

  • Certification Programs imparted by the best in the world.
  • Develop a community for scouts in India that is working towards development of the sport of football in India..
  • Make Scouting a means of livelihood even at the grassroots and youth level by providing our Trained Scouts with earning opportunities.
  • Launching a certification program that serves best the Indian market, creating World-class Scouts. IKF brings them various live projects and earning opportunities to hone their skills in learning the Talent Identification process

PFSA Level 1 Talent Identification

The PFSA Level 1 Talent Identification in Football Course was developed by elite Premier League Football Scouts, Heads of Recruitment and Academy Managers, and touches on all aspects of talent identification. Unlike other online talent identification courses, the PFSA Level 1 Talent Identification in Football course delves much deeper into the profession of football scouting and is the industryleading online introduction into talent identification. The 11 module course will equip you with a firm understanding and platform to further develop your knowledge of the talent identification process and what is needed to operate as both a football scout or an elite coach. The course has been developed in line with the EPPP (Elite Player Performance Plan) and is a great stepping-stone for a career within football
The modules include:

    • Introducing Talent Identification
    • Understanding the EPPP
    • Talent Identification Predicators
    • Football Scouts and Player Reports
    • Talent ID Predictors in a Goalkeeper and the Relative Age Effect?
    • Anthropological Predictors
    • Technical Skill Predictors
    • Psychological and Sociological Predictors
    • Limitations and Importance of Talent Identification

ProSoccerGlobal’s Training

Jimmy Hayes – Academy Scout at Premier League Club and Chris McGrath – Licensed Intermediator will conduct instructor led online session to cover Four Corners Players assessment. Learn from the best in how to practically apply the knowledge and how to do scouting in Trials by Premier League Scouts. Open Q&A session to clear all their doubts regarding scouting as a profession and technicalities involved in it.



The IKF-CFSA Level 1 aims to revolutionize football scouting in India by oering specialized training in talent identication. Tailored for Indian conditions, this certication equips scouts to uncover talent across urban and rural landscapes. The course acts as a gateway to scouting prociency, merging local insights with global best practices. Our endgame? To democratize scouting in India, linking grassroots talent to professional opportunities seamlessly.
  • Scouting Primer: Overview of scouting, its importance, and the roles and responsibilities entailed.
  • Talent Discernment: Denition and recognition of talent, and how the denition of good talent evolves.
  • Key Assessment Verticals: Introduction to the four core verticals employed for talent identication and evaluation.
  • Talent Spotting Techniques: Methodologies and steps involved in spotting and identifying promising talent.
  • Report Drafting 101: Basics of composing meaningful and insightful scouting reports.
  • Scouting Lexicon: Understanding key terms like Subjectivity, Objectivity, Unbiasedness, and Benchmarking in scouting.

  • Fees & Duration:-
    • Course 1 – Rs.4999 ( 4 Hrs )
    • Course 2 – Rs.4999 ( 6-9 Hrs+ 2 Hrs )
    • Course 3 – Rs.7499 ( 4 Hrs + (6-9)Hrs + 2Hrs )

PFSA Modules-4 Hour online:-

  • Complete Course in a week
  • Receive Certificate by PFSA

ProSoccer Global – 3 Hour :-
  • Attend instructor led sessions on weekend
  • Receive Joint Certificate by ProSoccerGlobal & IKF
IKF's Training 2 Hour Online :-
  • IKF provides further training on Scouting in Indian context
  • This will involve IKF's way of doing scouting in India
IKF Partner Scout :-
  • After completing all 3 module, an assessment will be given
  • Upon clearing the assessment you become IKF partner scout and start earning via IKF & its partner

Register and Pay

    • Pay the fees
    • Receive a Unique ID and welcome email from IKF
    • Once the Batch is full, PFSA sends an email with the URL of course and required Login credentials
    • Complete the course within 7 days
    • Inform IKF about completion of PFSA Level 1 TID modules
    • PFSA emails certificate
    • Applicant added to ProSoccerGlobal Training Batch
    • Attend face-to-face instructor led online sessions
    • Applicant added to IKF's Training batch
    • Receive Joint certificate from IKF and ProSoccerGlobal
    • Completes IKF's Assessment on time
    • Become IKF Partner Scout and start developing Indian Football

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