Road to Europe

We will provide you with a chance to showcase your talent in front of European Scouts and Clubs.

IKF brings in these Top Scouts to India. Your task is simple, to impress them with your playing style and book your seat for month-long trials in Europe with the potential to kick start your professional football player journey in Europe.

Are you ready to live your dream of being a Professional Football Player and play for the Club you have been supporting?

When will Trials be conducted?


Where will the Trails be conducted?

Trials in India

Regional trials will take place across India and the Final Trials will be conducted in Mumbai by European Scouts.

The selected batch of boys and girls will go to Europe for the trials which will help them grow to be the best.  

Trials in Europe

Selected batch of boys and girls will get an opportunity to showcase their talent in front of top European Clubs to start their professional football journey.

Three ways of attending Trials

Via IKF Tournament
Take part in IKF tournament and win it. Winning team goes to Europe with 100% scholarship.
Via Individual Registration
Players can register individually for the Zonal Trials which will happen at major metros. It is an Individual event.
Via IKF's Partner
Enroll yourself with IKF's Partner and learn with them for atleast 9 Months. Directly attend Zonal Trials with your coach and you might get full or partial scholarship depending upon your talent. You can also participate in Tournaments and try to earn 100% scholarship.


Register yourself. Everyone needs to register compulsorily.

Pay Registration fees and Get a unique registration code.


If you are already enrolled in an academy where you are learning, you can ask your academy to get registered with us.

If you want to come on your own (without any partner academy), need to REGISTER ONLINE AND PAY Rs.1000 and get direct entry to ZONAL TALENT IDENTIFICATION CAMP.

Kids with unique Registration number can play multiple tournaments at 50% entry fees via Partner academy only.