Our International Partner

We are glad to have partnered with the renowned “ProSoccerGlobal”, “PalamósCF”, “Perfect Football”, “PFSA”. They are our International Partners that will make sure that the talent we find here in India will get the opportunity they deserve. 


ProSoccerGlobal is a unique organisation that provides football experiences on and off the field for boys & girls teams across all age groups and ability levels. Utilising the knowledge and expertise of our ProSoccerGlobal staff, ProSoccerGlobal have designed programs and services that support development as a footballer and academically.

ProSoccerGlobal work in partnership with a global network of associates from within all facets of the game to deliver football and educational opportunities. Their goal is to grow the beautiful game globally by providing individually tailored football & academic programs and services that support development, promote inclusivity and provide exceptional experiences both on and off the field.

Pro Soccer Global is the destination for all the things related to football, from international tours to talent camps. The directors of ProSoccerGlobal are Jimmy Hayes (Co-Director of ProSoccerGlobal Manchester City FC academy scout) and Chris McGrath (Co-Director of ProSoccerGlobal  and Licensed Football Intermediary).


PalamósCF is the oldest club in Catalonia & third oldest in Spain (founded in 1898), and is a Tercera Nacional Division club based in the town of Palamos, Girona Province in Spain. Current President of Palamos CF is Patxi Otamendi

Football arrives in Catalonia thanks to Gaspar Matas, who returns to Palamós after studying in England. With friends in 1898, he formed the Palamós Foot-ball Club. The first match was against a team of Englishmen who had traveled by boat, with Palamós winning 2-1.

The first championships were local: there were many groups of friends, neighborhoods… that competed with each other. Until the celebration of a championship in the province of Girona, the colors of Palamós were white for the shirts and a dark color for the pants. The winner would have the right to wear yellow and blue, representative of the maritime district of Palamós. The Palamós team won: this was the beginning of the current color combination.

On July 24, 1912, the new sports field was inaugurated, located on the outskirts of Palamós, where it was won by 3 goals to 0 in the Strong of Girona.

The first international match was on May 27, 1928, against Revel (halfway from Carcassonne to Toulouse). Palamós won 2-1. The next day the revenge was disputed and the Palamós prevailed again, this time by 3-1.

On April 12, 1931, Palamós was proclaimed champion of Catalonia for the first time, after defeating Tàrrega in the final by 3 goals to 1.

In the 1985/86 season, promotion to the third division was seriously considered. That year was not achieved, but it came the following year: it was the “SUPER-PALAMÓS”.

In the 1987/88 season the team “walked” through the third division, achieving a new promotion, this time in the second division B. New signings, a lot of ambition… and the following year a new promotion: in the second division A. The debut took place in Murcia. Everyone was expecting a defeat, but the result was favorable by 1 goal to 2. Palamós was the revelation team. The last two games were key to deciding if Palamós got the right to be promoted to the first division, but things didn’t go well and the team was on the verge of a new promotion. In any case, the 1989/90 season is remembered as mythical: Palamós CF was the fashion team. From then the equipment consolidated to the division of silver of Spanish soccer.

Perfect Football

Perfect Football specialize in modern football solutions from around Europe to various countries. Perfect Football is a professional football methodology developed in Spain which trains players with the most modern techniques for the game. Perfect Football has highly qualified UEFA coaches & technical staff.

Perfect Football programs are designed to help integrate non-European players into European football. Spain has the most developed footballing system in the world and is home to the biggest leagues & clubs making it a football powerhouse. Spain’s Catalonia region has come up to be the state with the biggest league football system in the country. Ideal mild climate for training Spanish clubs to dominate European football Catalonian coaches have achieved global success Spain’s Catalonia region has come up to be the state with the biggest league football system in the country. More than 1000+ Senior Category/U19 teams Overall 5000+ teams in the area.

Players receive the opportunity to represent at various levels, like La Liga 1st and 2nd division, ProLiga 3rd and 4th Division dependent on their performance.