Football – Introduction

A brimming stadium, spectacular audience, majestic game of the two teams, and the thrill and jaw dropping excitement of the game —- football is all about fun, frolic with nail biting climax.

It is not merely a game to entertain people, but at the same time holds an incredible power to unite the world through a sport that knows no boundaries.

One of the most popular sports in the world, football enjoys immense popularity with massive global appeal and fan interest. Nevertheless, India with a population of one hundred and thirty crore people has terribly failed to connect emotionally as well as professionally to this game and has not been able to match its performance at international level with the level of popularity and the fan following this sport enjoys in the country.

India‚Äôs current rank of 104 on the FIFA table is enough to show the dismal position of our country in today’s scenario of world football.

There always lies an opportunity hidden beneath every challenge. A group of football enthusiasts have come up to address the key issue to the problem. “Aap khelo, Mauka hum denge” is an initiative by India Khelo
Football that pledges to provide a platform to provide a fair chance to the young players, who are keen to pursue their dream of playing football in international circuit.

Lack of opportunity and guidance often leads to an uphill struggle for the football players preventing them from making big in the game. With a vision to provide the right guidance to youngsters for transforming their passion to a mainstream career and not let the next generation of players go through the same rough patch that the present or earlier generations have gone through, a revolution namely “IKF” was born. The aim is to trace
hidden talents, identify them by providing them a platform to emerge and subsequently succeed as the next big thing in football.

In today’s scenario, football is perhaps one of the most popular spectator sports attracting a million of people as an audience and another million on television each year. It’s not merely about winning or losing but about the
effort and teamwork. The “IKF knowledge series” is a modest attempt to bring together the football lovers and enthusiasts to experience and share this passionate journey of knowing and understanding the ball game even
more. In these series of write ups, we will try to touch upon different aspects, stories and historical journeys of soccer so that we could take a step towards taking the game to the next level.

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