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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Registration FAQ

    The last date to process registration and payment is 31st December 2020.

    Parent/Guardian of any Indian Boy or Girl can register for their children. 

    Even kids can register by themselves but they will have to put the details about their parent/guardian.

    Registrations will be done online. One has to visit to complete the registration process.

    • Yes, there is a registration fee. 
    • And we also introduce early bird and other discounts time to time

    In this field enter your name as per (candidate)Aadhar Card.

    It is very important that your registered name matches the name mentioned in your Aadhar Card.

    The things that you need to remember are :-

    1. Select one from Father/Mother/Guardian. 

    2. Make sure that the mobile number that you put is active. 

    3. Put the right Aadhar Card number. 

    Make sure that you read the Terms and condition and click on the checkbox that says I agree with the terms and conditions and privacy policy on each page. After that click on the submit button

    No, you cannot register for the tournament if you do not have an Aadhar card. Aadhar Card is a mandatory document for registration.

    Once the registration is done a Unique ID will be generated and you will get the message about the same on your registered mobile number. 

    As soon as the Tournaments schedule is published on the IKF portal and Tournament schedule is announced for your city you shall receive a message about the same. After this you have two options: 

    1. You can login to and register for the Tournament and play for whichever city you feel like but for playing in tournament you will require a team of minimum 10 players and maximum 12 players.
    2.  We will also share a list of partner Academies/Clubs where you can get yourself enrolled in Road to Europe batch of our Partner Academy/Club and directly attend the Talent Identification Camp

    Age FAQ


    Boys should be Under 14 i.e., born after 01.01.2006. 

    Girls should be Under 16 i.e., born after 01.01.2004. 

    Aadhar Card will be used for age verification


    Partner Academy FAQ

    Yes, any academy/club can become a Partner Academy/Club of India Khelo Football. You can register with us on  

    Tournament FAQ


    Yes, you can do both but if you win Zonal Finals then you cannot attend the Talent Identification Camp even if you have enrolled in the Road To Europe Batch with the Partner Academies/Clubs but in case if you lose in the Zonal Finals then you can attend the Talent Identification Camp. 

    Yes, you can play in more than one city but you will have to pay the registration fee per player again for that particular city. 


    1. Form a team and get all the members registered on and come with your squad to participate in the city where matches are being held.  

    2. Another way is after registering on, get yourself enrolled with the registered India Khelo Football Partner Clubs/Academies nearest to you and participate in the tournaments or come directly to the Zonal Talent Identification Camp.

    No, if you win in the tournament at any level you cannot participate again at any other level.

    City specific Tournament dates will be announced 4 weeks prior the tournament begins. Also, you will get a message on your IKF registered mobile number about the Tournament Schedule for your city. So, kindly put your mobile number correctly.

    No, you cannot send a substitute at your place because we will be doing Aadhar verification.

    Apart from the major cities many other cities will be covered throughout India which will be updated on the IKF website by 31st December 2020.

    Yes, there will be a tournament entry fee of Fifty rupees per person.

    Team Registration will begin as soon as you will receive the message that tournaments are announced for your city. Once every member of the team is done with individual registration go to and click on the team registration button enter unique id of all the team mates, enter name of your coach (if any) and enter your team name and click on submit.

    Tournament Scheduling FAQ

    The Tournament at City level will commence from 26th January 2021 and will end by 31st July 2021. A total of thousand plus matches will be played in different cities. 

    After City Tournament ends, Zonal Finals will begin where city winners will compete against each other. Zonal Finals will commence from 15th August 2021 and end on 15th September 2021.

    Zonal Winner team and runner up team of each Zone will go to Mumbai for National Finale.

    National Finale will kickstart from 6th October 2021 and end on 15th October 2021. 

    Yes, if there are any changes in the schedule it will be updated on IKF’s portal and you will get a message on your registered number as well. 

    Tournament Regulation

    You can have

    7 players a side with 3 substitutes or, 

    7 players a side with 5 substitutes.

    All the playing fields are either grass or artificial turf.

    The limit for team’s applications is 20 teams for each city. If the maximum enrollment of teams is reached before the deadline for registrations, registrations will be closed before the scheduled date. 

    It is absolutely essential to bring Aadhar Card with which you are registered on the IKF portal and remember your unique ID or write it down and keep it with you.


    We do not share any details of the team or team members that are against our policy. 

    Unfortunately, we do not sponsor teams to take part in tournament. 

    Payment FAQ

    No. Once the registration fee is paid it cannot be refunded.

    The time duration of receiving the message can vary from two days to one week. 

    We accept the payment online. No cash will be entertained. 

    Go to / and click on “Check Registration Status”, enter Candidate/Players Aadhar card details and check the status of your payment.

    Once you have completed your payment you can check the status of your payment at / .Further details of the tournament will be messaged to you on your registered mobile number as soon as the dates are announced for your city tournaments.

    If your payment fails then please visit   or

    Click on “Check registration status” and click on link you see next to registration payment, complete the payment for registration

    Again visit and check the status of your payment by visiting

    Others FAQ

    Yes, all the team members will be awarded India Khelo Football participation certificate. 

    Accommodation won’t be provided for city or zonal tournament however the accommodation will be provided for National Tournaments. 

    Yes, once you have completed your individual registration after that all you need to do is go to  put the unique id of all the team members, the name of your team and the name of your team manager (if any).