• Created by experienced Premiere League Talent Identification Specialists.

• IKF brings Level 1 Talent Identification in Football certification course with Professional Football Scouting Association (PFSA) under the mentorship of ProSoccerGlobal (Headed by Manchester City Head Scout) to India.

• Calling all enthusiasts looking to work at the grassroot level of Indian football to find young talent and recruit them for their bigger dreams and aspirations.

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Course Structure

  • PFSA Modules - 3 Hour Online


    • Complete Course in a week.

    • Receive Joint Certificatie by PFSA & IKF

  • ProSoccerGlobal – 3 Hour online


    • Attend instructor led sessions on weekend

    • Receive Joint Certificate by ProSoccerGlobal & IKF

  • Top 40 selected


    • ProSoccerGlobal selects Top 40 for year 2021

    • IKF provides Paid Scouting Internship to Top 40

    • 1 Hour Face to Face classroom session in Mumbai by ProSoccerGlobal

  • Top 8 selected


    • Assist ProSoccerGlobal at IKF National Finals in Mumbai to select Top 18 Kids who will go to Europe for Trials

    • Chance to become Master Trainers for Level 2 & 3 Certifications ProSoccerGlobal

Course Details


  • Duration: 6 Hours + 1 Hour Extra (For Top 40)
  • Mode: Online
  • Fees: 
    • PFSA Certified Talent ID Level 1 –  INR 4100 only
    • PFSA + ProSoccerGlobal INR 6750 only
  • Eligibility: Passionate about Football. Need not be a player or a Coach, but should know about the game in detail.

Brief Content

  • 11-module to equip you with the knowledge, understanding and the experience of spotting talent which is required highly in India currently to uplift the sport.
  • Developed according to the European standards while catering to Indian audience.
  • Unlike other online talent identification courses, delves much deeper into what football scouts look for in a player (Talent Identification).


  • Be in Top 40 and earn your fees back !
  • First Course to provide Internship as well !
  • Chance to assist Premier League Scout in Mumbai !

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs from Kids

A tournament will have a stepwise procedure to get selected in IKF Road to Europe, starting with city tournaments, zonal finals and in the end national finals.

Whereas the Talent ID Camp would be a direct wild-card entry to the national finals.

With Tournament there are going to be reserved kids in the final selection, i.e. for the top 7 kids who would get selected for 100% scholarship in IKF Road to Europe, 4 of them are reserved to be selected from the tournament itself.

The rest of the kids could either be from Tournaments or the Talent ID Camps. The next difference is in the registration fees, tournament would cost only Rs. 100 per registration whereas Talent ID camp would cost Rs. 2000 per registration.

There will be a Travel Allowance and Dearness Allowance provided for zonal finals & national finals for the kids selected from the Tournament whereas there would not be such provisions made for kids selected through Talent ID Camps.

The process is to go online on the website https://indiakhelofootball.com/ and click on Click Here to Register>>Talent ID Camps>>Fill up the form>>Read the T&Cs>>Submit the form>>Make Payment.

It is ultimately a choice, if you join our partnered academies, you will get a chance to train under the best coaches of the country allowing you an environment to upskill and upscale your level to help you directly reach the Zonal Camp Trials for the IKF Road to Europe batch, also leading to represent your talent at the European Clubs.

The difference between our Partnered academies and other academies are that these are best handpicked training institutions for players to learn and grow in football with a mindset that allows you to prepare and later on, potentially play for a European club.

You will get to give selection trials in presence of the best scouts trained by IKF itself of our country to scout you for the first ever ‘IKF Road to Europe’ batch a chance to fulfill your dream of playing in European clubs.

Because you get a chance to give trials during Zonal Finals to directly enter the National Finals instead of going through the challenging process of the Tournament, that has a few more levels before you reach the National Finals.

You will travel to Zonal Camp by your own conveyance. No, IKF will not be responsible for any of the travel and accommodation expenses or arrangements.

No, IKF will not be responsible to cover any of your travel and accommodation expenses for National Finals. The only expense that IKF will bear would be your travel to Europe once you get selected during the National Finals for the IKF Road to Europe 2021 batch.

If you do not get selected at the Zonal Camp this time, then you would be directed to our partnered academy to advance your skills and overall game to prepare you for next year batch, IKF Road to Europe 2.0 to strike back as a much better player (if the eligibility allows).

The selection process will be done under the supervision of our highly qualified scouts on the basis of your game sense, the level of your skill and your efforts on the pitch with or without the ball.

Yes, based on merit once you get selected in National Camp, we will prepare a list of the top 18 kids, talent-wise, and provide you with scholarships (ranging from 25%-100%) accordingly to showcase your talent in Europe.

IKF scouts would select a range of 15-20 kids in Zonal Camp, a range of 10-15 kids in the Zonal Tournament, and the top 18 kids will be selected for IKF Road to Europe 2021 batch.

Yes, each time you register yourself, you would have to pay an amount of 2000 INR.

IKF is providing all kids an opportunity to showcase their talent in Europe, out of all the kids coming to the Mumbai National Finals only the top 18 kids would be selected.

For every 7 positions (Like Top CB, GK, CM, etc) in football the best talent would get 100% scholarship, the next 5 kids would get 50% scholarship and the rest 6 kids would get 25% scholarship.

In such situation, based on your Talent rank, we will make the decision to whether fund ourselves or help you find companies or organizations available to sponsor your trip.

On the basis of your talent, we would make a fair decision that helps both mutually. Note, we will only help you to find funding opportunities if your skills prove to be a part of the IKF Road to Europe first batch.

Yes, Talent ID Camp can become your second chance to prove your real worth and perform in front of our trained scouts this time.

Yes, if you have won the City Tournament and lost in the Zonal Finals, then you still can enroll yourself in the Talent ID Camp for other city.

The registration process will be a fresh one though which means you will have to fill up the form again and pay Rs. 2000 registration fees again as well.

Our International Partners, Jimmy & Chris from ProSoccerGlobal will make the selections, based on a transparent points system which will be made public, pre and post-selection.

In such case, you get yourself enrolled in our Partnered Academy, work hard to improve your skills and next year if eligible, then again apply for the IKF Road to Europe 2.0.

Although, if there are enough number of kids, IKF might consider sending a second batch of kids, based again on merit and talent rank. This decision will be made in October or November of this year.

FAQs from Parents

Yes, as an organization it is our utmost priority to make sure that each kid gets a fair chance to showcase their talent and prove their on-field worth.

Yes, there will be certificates provided at the end of the event.

Our partner academies are personally handpicked by us making sure that the best quality coaches and training is being provided to your kid for his/her skills to be uplifted. That is why we motivate kids to join those academies. But if you feel the current academy of your kid is rather better than our partnered academy, then need not worry about the mentioned concern.

Once the registration fees is paid you would get a list of partnered academies near your area which you can start pursuing to get your kid enrolled into it and be more prepared for the Zonal Camps.

Our team will get in touch with you and provide you with all the necessary details in advance.

Once a registration has been made the amount cannot be refunded, but yes, we will make sure that your registration carry forwards to attend Zonal finals of other zones. Apart from the zone that your kid had already been registered in.

No, we believe each kid should get an equal chance to showcase their talent irrespective of the level they play at.

The selected kids will get a chance to showcase their talent exclusively in the European clubs only.

No, we do not have an affiliation with the AIFF.

Yes, with the help of our International Partners, we apply for visa and necessary permissions from the government to take the top 18 selected kids abroad. Also, our international partners have been doing this since the past 10 years now, so need not worry.

No, the limit is only set to find the best youngest talent in our country.

Once your kid gets selected in the IKF Road to Europe batch we would be taking them to Spain and Portugal to give trials in the respective clubs of those two countries.

No, the trip to Europe would be only under the supervision of our International partners, i.e., ProSoccerGlobal who have the experience of doing the same since the past 10 years now.

FAQs from Academies

By becoming IKF Partner Academy your academy would get recognition towards helping us together uplift the football scenes in India.

Provide talented kids with an opportunity to showcase their talent in front of European clubs and hence to easily see football as a viable career option in our country.

The benefits attached when you partner with us are as following –

a. IKF will provide leads to your academy/club through our partnered schools and our City tournaments to maximize the reach.

b. Start a separate batch for “Road To Europe” and charge accordingly.

c. Consultation and guidance with our International Partners to enhance the talent production.

d. Get featured feature on IKF portal.

e. Providing a x% benefit of the total earnings if your kid gets selected in a European club.

Yes, your kid will get a chance to be eligible to directly enter Zonal Camps.

IKF will provide your academy with leads through schools, pre and post talent ID camp event featuring, tournament database, and driving leads through other branding and promotional strategies.

By becoming IKF Partner Academy the benefits would include –

a. IKF will provide leads to your academy/club through our partnered schools and our City tournaments to maximize the reach.

b. Start a separate batch for “Road To Europe” and charge accordingly.

c. Consultation and guidance with our International Partners to enhance the talent production.

d. Get featured feature on IKF portal.

e. Providing a x% benefit of the total earnings if your kid gets selected in a European club.

The registration process is simple, there would be a form that will be provided to your academy to fill, along with a payment of an annual enrollment fee.

The criteria to pick your academy would be based on the feedbacks from enrolled parents, kids, staff and noticing the quality of your academy sessions being held.

The kids will have to arrange their own conveyance to attend the camp.

Regardless of the selection of an individual, before and after the camp your academy will be featured in our list of Partnered Academies to help the kids prepare for the upcoming or next year Talent ID camps or opportunities.

No benefit or x% of the kids earnings if they get selected.**

No, in this case replacing the talent/kid would not be possible. Rather we would help your kid fund/finance his/her trip.

No, traveling with kids would not be possible as only our International Partners have been given that right.

Yes, we can arrange to send a separate batch for Road to Europe who are able to pay for their own trip. We can decide on the fees mutually and on how we together can be benefitted accordingly.